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We love the teachers in our community!!  What better way to show our appreciation than to provide them with a delicious meal in the middle of a busy school day.  Here's how you can get involved: 1.) Use the form below and sign up to donate one of the items listed 2.) Click here to make a contribution that will go towards purchasing supplies for the teacher appreciation lunch.  Simply type "Teacher Appreciation Lunch" in the memo box.

Please drop all items off at the Connect Center by Sunday, March 18th. 


There are a lot of people within your reach that the Holy Spirit is already working on. They are already being drawn toward the Lord in their hearts. And God could use you—your words, your courage, your willingness to speak—to lead someone towards the hope found in Christ. One great way to do this is to bring someone with you to church on Easter Sunday.  They will be exposed to inspiring worship and a powerful message about the hope found through the resurrection of Christ.  Who are you going to invest in this Easter?  Your simple invitation might be the very thing that changes someone's life forever!